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Saber is our special guest this week on Yoshi Didn’t.  This Los Angeles-based American graffiti artist and painter is most famous for the immense piece he did on the concrete bank of the Los Angeles River. With 97 gallons of paint, Saber traversed the Stygian corridor of the mighty L.A. river like Dante passing through the ninth circle of Hell, and created a masterpiece: The final work, measuring 250 x 55 feet, has been dubbed "the largest graffiti painting ever."

A hardcore street artist who possesses the artistic talent of Michelangelo with the physical toughness of Lawrence Taylor, Saber speaks intimately with us about his harsh experiences and struggles with epilepsy; his childhood, when he first discovered a love for art; and his transformation into the premier artist of his generation. Saber discusses the physical price he had to pay to achieve success, and his belief that art can change the world for the better. The podcast ends with Yoshi's "art project" for Saber and his beautiful and vivacious young daughter. Enjoy!

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