Yoshi Didn't Podcast

This week's guest is Ms. Cherry Ferretti, a beautiful porn star. We discuss her unusual childhood and the influence of sex icon Chasey Lain on young Cherry's eventual decision to enter the adult business.

Cherry started her porn career in Houston, Texas, where she was an early adopter of internet technology to promote her business. We follow her move to Los Angeles and her relationship with agency LA Direct Models (the CAA of the porn world). Cherry speaks frankly about how the sex business operates and about her blunt refusal to be treated like a second-class citizen.

During my 13 years working in the adult industry, it was very common for performers to disappear from public view. In most cases, they simply want to quit the business and restart their lives; this is what I assumed had happened with my friend Cherry. I never tried to track her down, wanting to respect her privacy and the decision to move on.

Unfortunately, it was not the case. When she contacted me again in early January, I was happy to hear from her, until she explained the reasons behind her years of absence. In the final third of the show, Lilit and I talk extensively about the trauma that Cherry experienced at the hands of her "best friend" — and worst of all, her subsequent betrayal and violation by Hollywood police.

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