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Jacob Sirof, comedian, writer, 100% Star Wars and boxing nerd is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Jacob's nerdy, edgy comedy has been featured on Jim Norton's "Down and Dirty" to Chelsea Lately's Round Table. 

Jacob is a friend of Yoshi and Lilit's and walked into Yoshi Didn't podcast land just as talk was a little heavy about rape with our previous guest, so to keep things light and laughable, Jacob goes right into sex jokes and his professional obsession with porn to change pace.
Jacob received an early and interesting porn education from his father's extensive VHS collection that was passed on to Jacob and his brothers like family heirlooms. From working in adult video stores to becoming professional comedians, Yoshi and Jacob bond on their origins and evolutions of porn, sex and comedy from experiences with hookers to monogamous relationships to what's it like working with other comedians like Jim Norton. 
Jacob's colorful background doesn't stop there as he divulges about his passion for boxing and ice hockey. 
Overall, Jacob's insight takes us into his psyche to learn more about him as a comedian, devout Star Wars fan and lover of all things boxing and ice hockey. 
Follow Jacob's funny banter on Twitter and hit him up for tour dates! 
Twitter: @jacobsirof
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