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This week on Yoshi Didn't we are lucky to showcase Ms. Shelly Ruelle! She is a very talented blogger covering the majestic city of Rome. Shelly’s lived in Rome since 2001, and during the interview peppered the talk with her beautiful Italian. We discussed the city, Silvio Berlusconi, and Amanda Knox, and I threw out many other questions that she deftly answered. btw, I was amused to discover that even the Italian train stations sound like something beautiful and/or delicious food! Shelly's blog, "Un'americana a Roma,” is obviously a labor of love. (She's not doing it for money, folks!)

Quite often, in the past, Americans abroad have behaved badly, so the moniker “ugly American” has stuck. It's people like Shelly, who presents herself as an unofficial ambassador for the U.S. and exudes friendship, dignity and intelligence, who are changing our image in the world. Please enjoy "Bella American"!

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