Yoshi Didn't Podcast

Hunter Moore is on this episode of the Yoshi Didn't Podcast. Yoshi has just come back from every Star Wars nerd's wet dream, Skywalker Ranch, then goes straight to Playboy Radio with Hunter Moore to sniff some porn star ass. Hunter tells us about his controversial and lucrative website, isanyoneup.com and how he and the website changed the face of the internet and social networking forever.

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Kristina Rose and Peter Warren talk to us about their profession in porn and why men have it harder than women in front of the camera. Kristina reminisces about her missed opportunity to molest Andy Samberg, we find out what kind of porn we are ashamed to watch but do it anyway and Yoshi isn't ashamed to use porn DVDs as currency and sniff porn star's asses to get to know them better. 

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