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This week on Yoshi Didn’t, we finally release the first episode ever recorded. Doron, The Minion of porn, and John H, editor of porn, joined us in revealing a very detailed and dark experience of the porn world. The guys delve deep into the world of gonzo porn, the life of Chico Wang (whom Doron worked for), the tragic death of Hailey Page, the backlash of STD outbreaks (including HIV) and the seemingly impossible, difficult transition of porn stars into mainstream society.

Follow Doron, The Minion’s food and sexcapades on his personal blog, www.theminionplanet.com

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Luke Ford, “The Most Hated Man in Web Porn," is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn’t. Luke had a unique upbringing in Australia that led him to further explore his curious and controversial nature through sex and love, Christianity to Judaism and porn journalism to writing and performance. Luke shares with us an honest, no hold’s bar experience of his difficult and tragic childhood, having a famous 7th Day Adventist preacher, Desmond Ford, as his father and his personal addiction with porn and sex. As a journalist, Luke 

exposed stories in the porn industry that not only risked his reputation as a writer but his interpersonal relationships as well, thus dubbing him, "The Most Hated Man in Web Porn." 

Check out Luke’s Book, “A History of X: 100 years of Sex in Film” and his blog www.LukeFord.net for more information.

Also, if in the Los Angeles area, support his live solo show, “Eroticized Rage” April 4th 7pm at Beyond Baroque Theater in Venice, Ca.

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Andy Milonakis is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Andy caught Jimmy Kimmel and sports writer Bill Simmon's attention with his parody video, "The Superbowl is Gay" a few years back. Andy brings his A-game of lyrical flows and comedic stylings by delving deep into intimate details of his upbringing and strong connection to his Greek roots, his 5 year TV show on MTV, sexual relationships with women and just exactly what it's like to be Andy Milonakis on a day to day basis.

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Miki Dezaki is this week's guest on Yoshi Didn't along with friend of the show, Maury Showbizawitz. Miki's passion for education has brought awareness and information to his students in Japan about everything from the English language and American culture to more covert, unspoken topics like racism and discrimination. We speak to Miki about the YouTube video he made that sparked recent controversy regarding racism and discrimination in Japan, and the backlash of death threats, privacy invasion and attempted censorship he has experienced as a result of certain nationalists in disagreement with his stance. 

Here is the link to his controversial video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxnmMrWOj3c
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