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Ari Shaffir, Stand up Comedian and also known for his pranks on, “The Amazing Racist” and movie, “InAPPropriate Comedy” is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn’t.  Ari starts the episode off strong attempting to cross boundaries into Yoshi’s personal life and hilariously provoking him for information throughout the show.  As tension builds around the topic of relationships, discussion of hookers and trannies help transition the awkwardness into more comfortable, comedic stomping grounds.

Yoshi also discusses his appearance on Ari’s podcast, “Skeptic Tank” where he first disclosed information of unethical practices and experiences in the porn world.  Ari then takes us deeper into his dedicated life as a stand up, the beefy drama he encountered with fellow comedians, his perspective of growing up Jewish in DC and his family's holocaust experience, the process of transitioning from working at the World Famous Comedy Store to becoming a headliner and, of course, awesome Joe Rogan/UFC stories.

Follow Ari Shaffir on Twitter: @AriShaffir

Buy his hilarious album, “Passive Aggressive” for $4.99 at https://chill.com/arithegreat/passive-aggressive 

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Matt Kirshen and friend of the show, Joey Kurtzman are our guests on Yoshi Didn't this week. Matt is a stand up comedian from Britain currently based in Los Angeles. Matt has literally traveled all over the world performing stand up comedy, was featured on the TV show "Last Comic Standing" and is frequent comedic talent improvising jokes on the "Set List" show with Paul Provenza. 

This episode takes some twists and turns beginning with Yoshi's in depth story of how he got banned from Canada, then with Matt opening up about his relationship with porn star Holly Stevens who died of breast cancer last year. The discourse then leads into examining cultural differences between Americans and Brits pertaining to racism, comedy, formalities of expressing emotion, grievance and sarcasm and how it effects perception from an individual and group standpoint. And the cerebral doesn't stop there. With his signature witty, comedic outlook, Matt also gives us the break down into the scandals and unethical practices of popular British newspapers that invaded privacy under the guise of reputable journalism.

Follow Matt on Twitter to get tour and Set List dates: @MattKirshen
Please visit his website, www.mattkirshen.com and subscribe and listen to his nerdy, funny podcast "Probably Science" http://probablyscience.tumblr.com/
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Marine, activist and entrepreneur Devon Read is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Devon joined the Marines in 2000 to earn money for college, but was stinted of the opportunity with the 9-11 attacks and deployment to Iraq in 2003. Devon gives us the insider experience of serving as a Marine while invading Baghdad in search of weapons of mass destruction. Though proud to have served his country and of the camaraderie he built with his battalion, Devon reveals what it was like in the days and final minutes crossing the border into Iraq, the mental and emotional repercussions of the betrayal he experienced serving in the Iraq war, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affecting him and many other veterans left without mental health treatment, the complexities of the military industrial complex, the discrimination women suffer in the military, the difference drone strikes have made on war and accountability and the hope we share to move forward when humanity hits rock bottom. Devon is a proud member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War and has spoken out on the negative, detrimental consequences of war on veterans and civilians. 
And of course to keep things a little light, we delve into Devon's experience as a VFX editor on the movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," his passion for Star Wars and the Prequel Star Wars films he made (the link to the Star Wars trailers for "Prelude to Hope" are below) and the business he created, Happy Owl Studio which makes iPad cases and Bamboo Cash Boxes for point of sale purchases.

And of course to keep things a little light, we delve into Devon's experience as a VFX editor on the movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," his passion for Star Wars and the Prequel Star Wars films he made (the link to the Star Wars trailers for "Prelude to Hope" are below) and the business he created, Happy Owl Studio which makes iPad cases and Bamboo Cash Boxes for point of sale purchases.  
Follow Devon's company on Twitter: @HappyOwlStudio 
Youtube page for his Star Wars films: http://www.youtube.com/user/clearconcrete/
Iraq Veterans Against the War: http://www.ivaw.org/
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Filmmaker, director and Academy Award winner, Eva Orner is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Eva won an Oscar and Emmy for her documentary "Taxi to the Dark Side" directed by Alex Gibney in 2008. The controversial film exposed the U.S. government's unlawful torture techniques post-911 that consequently helped change U.S. policy thereafter. Eva's current film, "The Network," documents entrepreneur Saad Mohseni's creation of Afghanistan's first independent television station, TOLO and its impact on Afghan politics and culture. Yoshi's personal connection to Afghanistan leads the discourse in examining the political landscape and oppression in the war torn country, Eva shares stories of life and death while living in Afghanistan, the humanizing relationships they built with locals and the voice Afghans attained in creating media culture away from the tragedies of war and terror. 

Follow Eva on Twitter: @evaorner and @thenetworkmovie
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Brian Redban is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Brian is a notorious comedian and podcaster best known for producing and co-hosting one of the most famous podcasts on the net, "The Joe Rogan Experience" and founder of the DeathSquad Podcast Network. Brian takes us back to his childhood where he discovered his love for Japanese culture and art, his transition into comedy from a tech, computer background, bouts with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and behind the scenes tales of confrontation and chaos at the comedy store.
Follow Redban on Twitter: @redban

place links to deathsquad.tv and Joe rogan experience here

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Johannes Grenzfurthner artist, director, writer, DIY researcher and friend of the show, Maury Showbizawitz, are our guests this week on Yoshi Didn’t. Johannes founded Monochrom, an international art and theory group dedicated to subversive art as “weapons of mass distribution.“ Johannes pulled off one of the most interesting pranks in the art world at the Biennial Conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil by submitting a fictitious artist, G.P. Thomann as a representative of Austria. The prank went undetected by curators and journalists and inadvertently helped save a Taiwanese artist’s representation at the conference when the Chinese government became involved; consequently making headlines news in China! Johannes’ stories cross many intellectual and artistic realms as he discusses post modern liberalism, the future of sex with robots at Arse Electronica, how, exactly, he pranked a world art conference and what it really means to subvert the subversive. 

Watch Johannes’ TEDx Talk about the notorious G.P Thomann  here:


Follow Johannes on Twitter: @johannes_mono

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