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Welcome to Episode 49 of Yoshi Didn't. This week I welcome my friend and a great independent thinker, Rick Hall. Without Rick (and Jeff Marton aka Hatman), I would never gotten a job with porn powerhouse Evil Angel ten years ago. Rick is an incredibly smart and well-read individual with a complicated past life. While his Secret Service father was protecting the President of the United States, Rick was struggling with a heroin problem in the '80s. He was able to stop using drugs in 1990, transitioning from the music scene into the adult business. Between singing in punk bands like the Stallions and the Stupor Stars, he also wrote for the infamous Al Goldstein in NYC, and eventually moved to Los Angeles, working for Hustler's Larry Flynt, and finally for Evil Angel's John Stagliano. Currently, he's back in school, creating visual art and making his living with freelance writing.

If any of you have connections in Japan and can help Rick relocate and work there, please contact him through his twitter account:


I think he can make a meaningful contribution to Japan. Please help a brother out!

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As an honorary Malaka (that's Greek for jerkoff), it pleases me to introduce my great pal and Greek-Canadian comedy legend, Angelo Tsarouchas. In this podcast we discussed his career in acting (Mad Men, Fred & Vinnie, Cinderella Man, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) and standup comedy. Angelo is, in my opinion, the best opener for Russell Peters; he's also Russell's close trusted friend. Angelo also talked about his family, and he was beaming when we got on the subject of his baby daughter and Alina, his lovely wife.

I'm excited to announce that on November 24th, Angelo will become the first North American Greek to do a major standup comedy show in Athens, Greece. Tickets are on presale for the Athens performance: only 10€! All proceeds from this show will be donated to an arts nonprofit, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Visit www.mcf.gr/en for ticket information and follow @georgethirteen for show updates.

And here's Angelo's contact info:

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Please support OUR great friend, Bert Kreischer! One of the greatest laugher since Ricky Gervais! Please follow him on @bertkreischer

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"Curse of the Drinking Class" available on Itunes
and Amazon Nov. 9th!


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This new episode of Yoshi Didn't episode was recorded on Halloween Eve, and was ten months in the making! Let me introduce world-famous William Lustig, the great director of the 1980 horror classic Maniac, as well as Vigilante (1983), Relentless (1989), and the Maniac Cop series. He was kind enough to share his time and film knowledge with us. Also, we're joined by Bill's number one superfan, Bonnie Rotten (@thebonnierotten)! This heavily-tattooed beauty is both an up-and-coming star of adult entertainment and a devoted student of horror flicks.

Returning to the show is Peter Warren (@peterwarren); this well-respected editor of AVN (Adult Video News; @AVNMediaNetwork) appeared previously on our very first episode! Today, Peter shares his love for Lustig's movies, and gets entertained by tales of Bill's early career in porn and the history of the adult business in NYC. Lastly, my great friend and cinephile, David Chien (@thedavidchien) chimes in with questions for Bill.

Please support Mr. Lustig's company, Blue Underground (www.blue-underground.com & @blunderground), a premier DVD distribution company dedicated to preserving classic and forgotten genre films!

Here are clips of Bill's movies:
Maniac 1980 Trailer: 
Maniac Cop 1:
Maniac Cop 2:

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I've been very lucky to have so many people selflessly helping me throughout my life. One such person is Alison Schelin. She was kind enough to drive me through New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware over the summer. We tried to finish these podcast episodes while driving up north to see Dave Attell, but unfortunately ran out of time. So I ended up finishing the last portion of an episode by myself. While you're hearing this podcast, Alison will be traveling across the country by herself...

This native Bostonian wants to continue her career in music in Los Angeles. She is a very talented singer and lyricist, and her raspy voice reminds me of Janis Joplin's. Here's a sample of Alison's musical talent:


Alison currently needs our help. She's been under a tremendous a amount of stress due to her father's recent heart attack. If you can help Alison in any way with her musical career, and/or point her toward voiceover work in L.A., please contact her: @alisonschelin

As I prepare for my move to Sweden, I wish her nothing but the best and much happiness. I will surely miss her.

= = = 

NOTE: This bonus episode was brought to you by Midnight IceCream, a skateboard and clothing line that's owned by my younger brother, Skater Yosh. Here's the Midnight IceCream Facebook page:

And here's my brother skateboarding:

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