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If you are a child of the ’80s, then you’re very familiar with Meredith Baxter's "Elyse Keaton" character on Family Ties. She was a kind, patient and open-minded mom. The same qualities that Cathy Buck, the proprietor of Cameo Cinema, exudes every day. My friend, Jason Buck, is very lucky to have her for his mom. It is her kind of love and dedication that keep the Cameo thriving, in wonderful St. Helena, CA in the center of the Napa Valley!

The Cameo Cinema is beautiful - the oldest single-screen theater in the United States. Kathy and I sat in front of the screen, talking about her background and how she got introduced to the movie theater business. I enjoyed hearing about some interesting guests who’ve arrived at the movies with Secret Service in tow, not to mention Hollywood dynasties such as the Coppolas and Robert Redford who’ve premiered their movies here. I admire her passion and love for the movie arts, and believe that we can elevate our lives through watching, enjoying and studying cinema. If you are ever in Napa Valley, you must attend and see Kathy introducing movies to the audience. Please let this historic place entertain and enchant you!

Follow the Cameo:

Cameo Cinema
1340 Main Street
Saint Helena, CA 94574
(707) 963-9779

A final note:
I will be starting a new podcast called the “Bed Island Show" in late May, and am very lucky to have Peter Warren (senior editor of AVN) and Kristina Rose (adult video superstar and consummate entertainer) as my partners. Please follow us @bedisland !

If you have any questions, please email us: bedisland@gmail.com


Follow Peter, Kristina and me!

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This week on Yoshi Didn't we are lucky to showcase Ms. Shelly Ruelle! She is a very talented blogger covering the majestic city of Rome. Shelly’s lived in Rome since 2001, and during the interview peppered the talk with her beautiful Italian. We discussed the city, Silvio Berlusconi, and Amanda Knox, and I threw out many other questions that she deftly answered. btw, I was amused to discover that even the Italian train stations sound like something beautiful and/or delicious food! Shelly's blog, "Un'americana a Roma,” is obviously a labor of love. (She's not doing it for money, folks!)

Quite often, in the past, Americans abroad have behaved badly, so the moniker “ugly American” has stuck. It's people like Shelly, who presents herself as an unofficial ambassador for the U.S. and exudes friendship, dignity and intelligence, who are changing our image in the world. Please enjoy "Bella American"!

Shelly's blog:

Shelly's Twitter:

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Yoshi (@yoshiobayashi), Rosie Tran (@funnyrosie), Moses Kim (@Theflyingmo) talk about the current situation in Crimea with Moses who is currently in Crimea. Moses was engaging and frank. This was last minute impromtue podcast disregard the hum, you get used to it. This episode was sponsored by Rosie Tran's Out of The Box Podcast. Check out www.outoftheboxpodcast.com.

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Are you sad because True Detective ended? Fear not, my friends! Adult superstar Kristina Rose is back with Adult Video News editor extraordinaire, Peter Warren. This week the questioning is led by podcast provocateur Chris Gore! He's got so many questions for Princess Kristina. Enjoy!

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Kristina Rose:

Chris Gore:

Peter Warren:

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Fun-loving sex kitten Proxy Paige is back again! This time, we talked about Proxy’s love of music and the various music festivals in Europe. Enjoy!

Please support Proxy’s project:

Proxy's Tumblr:

Proxy’s Twitter:

Also, check out gloryholeswallow.com and their Twitter account @RealGHSwallow.

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Please meet Beau Roulette and his beautiful wife, Kendra... and their hot girlfriend, Dani Jensen! After we became Twitter friends, I was invited to Beau's spacious loft in downtown Los Angeles. He is a very talented and experienced photographer who has worked on many prestigious projects. I was most impressed with Beau’s brilliant work for the “Warhol Factory x Levi's x Damien Hirst" art book. 

Kendra is an accomplished yoga instructor in Los Angeles. You can see her years of dedication rewarded in her incredible body. If you’re interested in quality yoga instruction, make sure to contact Kendra. Finally, Dani Jensen is a sexy adult star, who during our conversation put in her two cents about the porn business and her wonderful relationship with the couple. We live in an era of high divorce rates, and though the Roulettes’ unorthodox arrangement might not be for everyone, they’ve hit on a formula that makes their pursuit of happiness possible!

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Kendra Roulette:

Dani Jensen:

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Please welcome the very first guests of Yoshi Didn't back to the show! It's been about a year - and adult superstar Kristina Rose is even funnier, Adult Video News editor Peter Warren is still informative and amusing (Peter’s turning into a fantastic podcaster himself), and our new guest, Jodi Taylor, is delightful. We talked about cosplay, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Kristina's no-bullshit advice for up-and-coming adult starlet Jodi!

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After some small talk, Aiko Tanaka, Rick Hall and I jumped into the meat of our conversation about Ms Ikumi Yoshimatsu, the first Japanese woman to win the Miss International title - and her ordeals after she refused to signed with a mob-connected talent agency in Japan. Watch her brave public speech at the link below. We also spoke of the importance of “gai-atsu” (foreign pressure) and briefly discussed Jake Adelstein's Japan Times piece. I sincerely urge all of you to join the petition to fight and punish stalkers in Japan.

Here's Jake Adelstein's article about Ms. Yoshimatsu and her stalker problem:


I hope you will sign and support Ms Ikumi Yoshimatsu's petition!


Please follow Rick Hall @toestubber, and Aiko Tanaka @aikotanaka.

The heroes...

Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Norio Nishikawa (lawyer) and Jake Adelstein at her press conference; please watch:


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Denmark never ceases to amaze me. Their incredible hospitality, a great sense of humor and the humane pragmatism to deal with the terrible problems of drug addiction. I just love Denmark! So much so that, even though I am not known for my passion for music, I found myself blown away by the wild musical output of Nicholas Kvaran aka Nick Coldhands! (My friend Unnar Theodorsson was kind enough to introduce us.) Nick is an old school hip-hop DJ and producer. Earlier in his career, he was heavily involved with the musical group, Den Gale Pose (abbreviated DGP). They performed all over Denmark, and later reinvented themselves as Madness 4 Real in Los Angeles in the early ’90s. This is where the young Nicholas Kvaran was dubbed Nick Coldhands by the legendary Easy E! Please have a listen to the ever-talented Nick as he recollects those fascinating times.

Here's some translated info on The Gale Pose and Nick's colleagues:



And Nick’s Facebook page is here:

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This week we are delighted to feature Ms. Charlotte Steggz! She is a blogger, translator, standup comedienne and kawaii cat-lover. Originally from the UK, she lived and studied in Japan; young Charlotte was intrigued by Japanese culture, and this fascination exposed her to many adventures through her knack for learning languages. So much so that, after deciding to exit the Land of the Rising Sun following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disaster, she moved to Frankfurt, Germany and became a translator for videogame behemoth Nintendo!

Charlotte's blog (currently exploring the enchantment of Germany): 

Charlotte's Twitter:

I'm hoping she continues to write and perform as a storyteller. I'm not quite sure how to word it, but I think Charlotte can contribute a lot with her joy, laughter and understanding. Anyhoo, gambatte ne, Charlotte-chan! (*^_^*)

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Fun-loving sex kitten Proxy Paige is back again! This time we talked about Proxy's experiences with her friend Dave's website,gloryholeswallow.com, and discussed other colorful characters in the adult business. Enjoy!

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Also checkout http://gloryholeswallow.com.

Gloryhole Swallow's twitter account: @RealGHSwallow

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Please enjoy the new episode of Yoshi Didn't podcast, this time with Professor Sean Tilson. Sean is a postdoctoral fellow at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. By the way, KTH, the MIT of Sweden, is also the alma mater of Dolph Lundgren! Yes, that Lundgren! (Lundgren as Ivan Drago [to Rocky]: "I must break you.")

Anyway, never mind about my digression. Sean’s a terrific mathematician and fun conversationalist. We met right after my standup show at the Big Ben club in Stockholm. Get ready for some calculating conversation with Sean on subjects ranging from Detroit to homotopy theory!

Follow Sean on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sean.tilson

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My comedy compatriot and friend, Jonathan Wolff Cohen, is our guest this week on the Yoshi Didn't podcast. He was instrumental in acquiring my previous guests (Episode 55: Michael Lodberg Olsen and Episode 56: Joergen Kjaer) in Denmark; Jonathan was able to get Mr. Olsen on the show because he’d previously volunteered helping the addicts of Istegade Street via Olsen's "Illegal" organization.

I first met Jonathan through our mutual comedy buddy Jason Rouse (Episode 35) as Jonathan produces many great comedy shows in Denmark and Sweden. We talked about his "Jewish" upbringing and early years as a poor man's Walter White in Northern Denmark (he was a teenage crime lord back then). Anyway, please enjoy the show and follow Jonathan!

Jonathan's Twitter:

His Facebook:

And articles about him:

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Let’s welcome another fantastic guest to the show - my longtime friend and very talented comedian, Rosie Tran. If there's a group of people who can endure torment and take it with a smile, it's the delightful Vietnamese! Rosie exemplifies that: Tough, kind and shrewd.

One thing I’ve learned about Rosie is that she can do anything. She has accomplished so much in the ten years I've known her: Rosie’s a successful standup comedian, actress, scriptwriter and savvy investor (did I mention she's Vietnamese?). She also managed to earn a Master’s degree somewhere in that busy schedule. We talked about her family, and I was stunned to learn of Rosie's gentle dad’s unusual profession during the Vietnam war.

Rosie is the proud mother of two puppies (Mitzi & Jamie) and wife of the poor man’s Liam Hemsworth, aka Andrew Voorhees. Please follow her twitter account and especially her podcast show:

The Out of the Box Podcast with Rosie Tran!

Rosie's Twitter:

Rosie's podcast:

Rosie's standup:
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Check out our first episode of 2014, my conversation with standup
comedienne and actress Aiko Tanaka. Originally from Tokyo, she is a
familiar face on the comedy scene in Los Angeles.

Here she tells us the very amusing story of why she first moved to
Boston and eventually to L.A. Aiko was very active in the dancing and
modeling business, until she became smitten by American manzai (standup
comedy). Rick Hall (Episode 49: Go East, Old Man) was also on hand to
chime in when Aiko discussed her views of Japan.

You can check out Aiko in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Miss
Cast Away, and Finishing the Game, as well as her appearances on the
Howard Stern Show and the Tonight Show. Enjoy the episode. Jaa mata ne!

Aiko's bio:


Her standup:

Aiko in The Fast & the Furious:

And her film/TV reel:

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