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If you are a child of the ’80s, then you’re very familiar with Meredith Baxter's "Elyse Keaton" character on Family Ties. She was a kind, patient and open-minded mom. The same qualities that Cathy Buck, the proprietor of Cameo Cinema, exudes every day. My friend, Jason Buck, is very lucky to have her for his mom. It is her kind of love and dedication that keep the Cameo thriving, in wonderful St. Helena, CA in the center of the Napa Valley!

The Cameo Cinema is beautiful - the oldest single-screen theater in the United States. Kathy and I sat in front of the screen, talking about her background and how she got introduced to the movie theater business. I enjoyed hearing about some interesting guests who’ve arrived at the movies with Secret Service in tow, not to mention Hollywood dynasties such as the Coppolas and Robert Redford who’ve premiered their movies here. I admire her passion and love for the movie arts, and believe that we can elevate our lives through watching, enjoying and studying cinema. If you are ever in Napa Valley, you must attend and see Kathy introducing movies to the audience. Please let this historic place entertain and enchant you!

Follow the Cameo:

Cameo Cinema
1340 Main Street
Saint Helena, CA 94574
(707) 963-9779

A final note:
I will be starting a new podcast called the “Bed Island Show" in late May, and am very lucky to have Peter Warren (senior editor of AVN) and Kristina Rose (adult video superstar and consummate entertainer) as my partners. Please follow us @bedisland !

If you have any questions, please email us: bedisland@gmail.com


Follow Peter, Kristina and me!

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This week on Yoshi Didn't we are lucky to showcase Ms. Shelly Ruelle! She is a very talented blogger covering the majestic city of Rome. Shelly’s lived in Rome since 2001, and during the interview peppered the talk with her beautiful Italian. We discussed the city, Silvio Berlusconi, and Amanda Knox, and I threw out many other questions that she deftly answered. btw, I was amused to discover that even the Italian train stations sound like something beautiful and/or delicious food! Shelly's blog, "Un'americana a Roma,” is obviously a labor of love. (She's not doing it for money, folks!)

Quite often, in the past, Americans abroad have behaved badly, so the moniker “ugly American” has stuck. It's people like Shelly, who presents herself as an unofficial ambassador for the U.S. and exudes friendship, dignity and intelligence, who are changing our image in the world. Please enjoy "Bella American"!

Shelly's blog:

Shelly's Twitter:

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Are you sad because True Detective ended? Fear not, my friends! Adult superstar Kristina Rose is back with Adult Video News editor extraordinaire, Peter Warren. This week the questioning is led by podcast provocateur Chris Gore! He's got so many questions for Princess Kristina. Enjoy!

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Kristina Rose:

Chris Gore:

Peter Warren:

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Fun-loving sex kitten Proxy Paige is back again! This time, we talked about Proxy’s love of music and the various music festivals in Europe. Enjoy!

Please support Proxy’s project:

Proxy's Tumblr:

Proxy’s Twitter:

Also, check out gloryholeswallow.com and their Twitter account @RealGHSwallow.

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Please meet Beau Roulette and his beautiful wife, Kendra... and their hot girlfriend, Dani Jensen! After we became Twitter friends, I was invited to Beau's spacious loft in downtown Los Angeles. He is a very talented and experienced photographer who has worked on many prestigious projects. I was most impressed with Beau’s brilliant work for the “Warhol Factory x Levi's x Damien Hirst" art book. 

Kendra is an accomplished yoga instructor in Los Angeles. You can see her years of dedication rewarded in her incredible body. If you’re interested in quality yoga instruction, make sure to contact Kendra. Finally, Dani Jensen is a sexy adult star, who during our conversation put in her two cents about the porn business and her wonderful relationship with the couple. We live in an era of high divorce rates, and though the Roulettes’ unorthodox arrangement might not be for everyone, they’ve hit on a formula that makes their pursuit of happiness possible!

Please follow Beau Roulette:

Kendra Roulette:

Dani Jensen:

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Please welcome the very first guests of Yoshi Didn't back to the show! It's been about a year - and adult superstar Kristina Rose is even funnier, Adult Video News editor Peter Warren is still informative and amusing (Peter’s turning into a fantastic podcaster himself), and our new guest, Jodi Taylor, is delightful. We talked about cosplay, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Kristina's no-bullshit advice for up-and-coming adult starlet Jodi!

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Jodi Taylor:

Pwter Warren:

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After some small talk, Aiko Tanaka, Rick Hall and I jumped into the meat of our conversation about Ms Ikumi Yoshimatsu, the first Japanese woman to win the Miss International title - and her ordeals after she refused to signed with a mob-connected talent agency in Japan. Watch her brave public speech at the link below. We also spoke of the importance of “gai-atsu” (foreign pressure) and briefly discussed Jake Adelstein's Japan Times piece. I sincerely urge all of you to join the petition to fight and punish stalkers in Japan.

Here's Jake Adelstein's article about Ms. Yoshimatsu and her stalker problem:


I hope you will sign and support Ms Ikumi Yoshimatsu's petition!


Please follow Rick Hall @toestubber, and Aiko Tanaka @aikotanaka.

The heroes...

Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Norio Nishikawa (lawyer) and Jake Adelstein at her press conference; please watch:


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Denmark never ceases to amaze me. Their incredible hospitality, a great sense of humor and the humane pragmatism to deal with the terrible problems of drug addiction. I just love Denmark! So much so that, even though I am not known for my passion for music, I found myself blown away by the wild musical output of Nicholas Kvaran aka Nick Coldhands! (My friend Unnar Theodorsson was kind enough to introduce us.) Nick is an old school hip-hop DJ and producer. Earlier in his career, he was heavily involved with the musical group, Den Gale Pose (abbreviated DGP). They performed all over Denmark, and later reinvented themselves as Madness 4 Real in Los Angeles in the early ’90s. This is where the young Nicholas Kvaran was dubbed Nick Coldhands by the legendary Easy E! Please have a listen to the ever-talented Nick as he recollects those fascinating times.

Here's some translated info on The Gale Pose and Nick's colleagues:



And Nick’s Facebook page is here:

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This week we are delighted to feature Ms. Charlotte Steggz! She is a blogger, translator, standup comedienne and kawaii cat-lover. Originally from the UK, she lived and studied in Japan; young Charlotte was intrigued by Japanese culture, and this fascination exposed her to many adventures through her knack for learning languages. So much so that, after deciding to exit the Land of the Rising Sun following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disaster, she moved to Frankfurt, Germany and became a translator for videogame behemoth Nintendo!

Charlotte's blog (currently exploring the enchantment of Germany): 

Charlotte's Twitter:

I'm hoping she continues to write and perform as a storyteller. I'm not quite sure how to word it, but I think Charlotte can contribute a lot with her joy, laughter and understanding. Anyhoo, gambatte ne, Charlotte-chan! (*^_^*)

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Fun-loving sex kitten Proxy Paige is back again! This time we talked about Proxy's experiences with her friend Dave's website,gloryholeswallow.com, and discussed other colorful characters in the adult business. Enjoy!

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Proxy's tumbler:

Proxy's twitter:

Also checkout http://gloryholeswallow.com.

Gloryhole Swallow's twitter account: @RealGHSwallow

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Please enjoy the new episode of Yoshi Didn't podcast, this time with Professor Sean Tilson. Sean is a postdoctoral fellow at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. By the way, KTH, the MIT of Sweden, is also the alma mater of Dolph Lundgren! Yes, that Lundgren! (Lundgren as Ivan Drago [to Rocky]: "I must break you.")

Anyway, never mind about my digression. Sean’s a terrific mathematician and fun conversationalist. We met right after my standup show at the Big Ben club in Stockholm. Get ready for some calculating conversation with Sean on subjects ranging from Detroit to homotopy theory!

Follow Sean on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sean.tilson

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Pls support fun loving Proxy Paige's project!

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My comedy compatriot and friend, Jonathan Wolff Cohen, is our guest this week on the Yoshi Didn't podcast. He was instrumental in acquiring my previous guests (Episode 55: Michael Lodberg Olsen and Episode 56: Joergen Kjaer) in Denmark; Jonathan was able to get Mr. Olsen on the show because he’d previously volunteered helping the addicts of Istegade Street via Olsen's "Illegal" organization.

I first met Jonathan through our mutual comedy buddy Jason Rouse (Episode 35) as Jonathan produces many great comedy shows in Denmark and Sweden. We talked about his "Jewish" upbringing and early years as a poor man's Walter White in Northern Denmark (he was a teenage crime lord back then). Anyway, please enjoy the show and follow Jonathan!

Jonathan's Twitter:

His Facebook:

And articles about him:

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Let’s welcome another fantastic guest to the show - my longtime friend and very talented comedian, Rosie Tran. If there's a group of people who can endure torment and take it with a smile, it's the delightful Vietnamese! Rosie exemplifies that: Tough, kind and shrewd.

One thing I’ve learned about Rosie is that she can do anything. She has accomplished so much in the ten years I've known her: Rosie’s a successful standup comedian, actress, scriptwriter and savvy investor (did I mention she's Vietnamese?). She also managed to earn a Master’s degree somewhere in that busy schedule. We talked about her family, and I was stunned to learn of Rosie's gentle dad’s unusual profession during the Vietnam war.

Rosie is the proud mother of two puppies (Mitzi & Jamie) and wife of the poor man’s Liam Hemsworth, aka Andrew Voorhees. Please follow her twitter account and especially her podcast show:

The Out of the Box Podcast with Rosie Tran!

Rosie's Twitter:

Rosie's podcast:

Rosie's standup:
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Check out our first episode of 2014, my conversation with standup
comedienne and actress Aiko Tanaka. Originally from Tokyo, she is a
familiar face on the comedy scene in Los Angeles.

Here she tells us the very amusing story of why she first moved to
Boston and eventually to L.A. Aiko was very active in the dancing and
modeling business, until she became smitten by American manzai (standup
comedy). Rick Hall (Episode 49: Go East, Old Man) was also on hand to
chime in when Aiko discussed her views of Japan.

You can check out Aiko in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Miss
Cast Away, and Finishing the Game, as well as her appearances on the
Howard Stern Show and the Tonight Show. Enjoy the episode. Jaa mata ne!

Aiko's bio:


Her standup:

Aiko in The Fast & the Furious:

And her film/TV reel:

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This week we explore the Swedish comedy scene with Sweden's best male standup comedian, Al Pitcher, a Kiwi from London. After seeing him perform at Upsala University (where he murdered the audience), I asked Al if he wouldn’t mind doing my podcast.

He turned out to be exactly the guy Adeel Faqih (@AdeelFaqih) told me he was - a very funny, professional and gracious man. He spoke of his childhood in England and about growing up in New Zealand. We discussed some of his earlier struggles in standup and his surprising career in Sweden. I especially like Al’s idea about taking pictures of the town in which he is performing that night then sharing them with the audience, who are delighted and amused by his observations. He also told some interesting anecdotes about his friendship with John Oliver in the UK. Please enjoy this episode and follow Al!

Al's website:

Al's twitter account:

The Local's article about Al:

Al's comedy on YouTube:

Al's guide to Sweden: 

Radio interview with Al:

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This is the second part of our Danish holiday episode. 

After a communication mix-up created by me, I was finally able to meet up with Mr. Joergen Kjaer, president of the Danish Drug Users Union, or BrugerForeningen (BF). BF was created to provide a place for drug users to help themselves, understand their rights and fight against personal isolation. Also attending the meeting was my friend Mikkel; we were both moved by the staff’s generosity and brotherhood.

The BF facility helps both illegal drug users and those on methadone maintenance. Active members have access to fitness, gaming, healthcare and computer rooms. After we visited their on-site drug museum, Joergen, a 35+ year user of heroin, was kind enough to do my silly little podcast and answer our questions. Mikkel and I hope you like the episode. 

If you can, please donate to their organization!

Danish Drug Users Union
BrugerForeningen 30. Korsgade 2200 Copenhagen Denmark 
Phone No.: +45 35 36 01 50
Fax No.: +45 35 24 52 31
E-mail adress: jk@brugerforeningen.dk
Website: http://www.brugerforeningen.dk
Contact person: Joergen Kjaer

Here are a few websites we mentioned during the episode:

Ethan Nadelmann

Ethan Nadelmann and Richard Branson

Drug Policy Alliance

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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Welcome to Part One of a special Danish holiday episode of Yoshi Didn't. This podcast episode deals with one of the few major issues that really drives me crazy. Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." The drug war is 100% pure insanity. We have lost the war, and we all need an alternative for this important health issue.

I was very lucky to meet someone like Michael Lodberg Olsen. A social entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping people (starting with homeless and abused kids in Romania in the 1980s, and currently trying to pioneer creative solutions for drug users). I traveled across Sweden then to Denmark during Storm Sven, and a five-hour train ride became an 18-hour trip. But it was definitely worth the effort.

Not only did Michael L. Olsen create facilities where addicts have a place to rest, eat and use drugs, he also brought several social innovations to this difficult issue. The "Illegal" van which Michael drove around Copenhagen provided a safe and clean facility for addicts to take their drugs (in addition to a driver, the Illegal van includes a doctor and/or nurse to guard against overdoses). Michael has also started publishing “Illegal!” magazine. This publication is filled with information on drug issues, artwork and photographs, and helps put a human face to addiction. Addicts sell the magazines at a markup, and keep the proceeds to maintain their habits — an alternative to crime or street prostitution.

After visiting his facilities, meeting addicts both current and recovering, we did this interview. Before saying goodbye to him, I met his son and beautiful daughter. They were very happy about the snow at the park! That's when it dawned on me: Michael is not just working for justice for our dope-taking brothers and sisters; he’s also fighting for his kids’ future.

Please enjoy the episode!

Illegal! Magazine:

Illegal and Michael L. Olsen on Vice:

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Please enjoy the first episode of the Swedish series of Yoshi Didn’t! I had a talk with my new roommate, Addie Faqih, who’s a funny standup comedian as well as the owner of the best Spanish restaurant in Stockholm, La Cucaracha (www.lacucaracha.se).

In this episode we mainly talked about his greatest passion: Football. (His team is Tottenham Hotspur FC - www.tottenhamhotspur.com.)

It’s one of many conversations I plan to have with this comical Pakistani-Swede. And if you are ever lucky enough to walk around Stockholm with Adeel, you’ll be astonished to see how many people he greets on the street like a seasoned politician. Please follow Adeel's twitter account: @AdeelFaqih.

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This discussion was recorded at the last minute with two of my friends: Steve Cattani and David Chien (@thedavidchien). Since it was an impromptu meeting, we ended up talking mostly about the great Greek-American director John Cassavetes and his films. I couldn't keep up with David’s and Steve's expertise, but I enjoyed it tremendously. Anyhoo, I hope this will excite you enough to watch some of Cassavetes’ work.

Also, definitely check out the movie by Steve and Tracy Tuffs (@tracytuffs) coming in 2014, Resurrecting Doug Dunning. Here is the trailer:


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On this week's episode of Yoshi Didn't, Episode 51: This Ain't the Rush Hour, we have the great Al Jackson (@aljackson). He's a standup comedian, actor, podcast master, scientist, athlete and, most important of all, a great husband and father. Talking to him was like watching The Godfather or Goodfellas: We were having so much fun, I wondered afterward where the last three hours had gone. The discussion went just about EVERYWHERE! Also, we were fortunate to have along Eric Smith (Episode 40: Mr. Smith Goes to Musicland) who let us record this episode inside his touring bus. You can follow Al here:


Here is some of Al's standup, brought to you by Comedy Central:

= = = = =

This extravaganza was facilitated by Baye McNeil (originally from Brooklyn, now living in Yokohama) aka Loco in Yokohama. His writing will make you laugh and cry and, whether you like it or not, you will learn plenty about race, life and Japan. I said to Al during the podcast, "Black people understand racism the way Japanese people understand nuclear radiation." Yes, they are both toxic! Anyhoo, please check out both Al and Baye!

Follow Loco here:

And watch him here:

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For today's episode, I am delighted to introduce my longtime friend (and a fellow disciple of Carl Warmenhoven, our comedy guru from Episode 23). I first met Craig Gass years ago at Seattle's oldest and most important standup club, the Comedy Underground. Before he was a comic, Craig was a rock and roll roadie, traveling the country as a teenager. After deciding on a career in standup, he began honing his incredible talent for mimicry — and has become very famous for his dead-on impressions of Sam Kinison, Gene Simmons, Adam Sandler, Al Pacino, Tracy Morgan, and countless other celebrities.

In addition, we discuss Craig's amazing family background, one that has had a great impact on his stage performance. You'll easily understand why he was one of Howard Stern's favorite guests, and how he's made so many memorable appearances on shows like Law & Order, Sex and the City, The King of Queens and American Dad!


Craig Gass at the Gene Simmons Roast

Craig Gass as Al Pacino

Craig on Shaw TV

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Welcome to Episode 49 of Yoshi Didn't. This week I welcome my friend and a great independent thinker, Rick Hall. Without Rick (and Jeff Marton aka Hatman), I would never gotten a job with porn powerhouse Evil Angel ten years ago. Rick is an incredibly smart and well-read individual with a complicated past life. While his Secret Service father was protecting the President of the United States, Rick was struggling with a heroin problem in the '80s. He was able to stop using drugs in 1990, transitioning from the music scene into the adult business. Between singing in punk bands like the Stallions and the Stupor Stars, he also wrote for the infamous Al Goldstein in NYC, and eventually moved to Los Angeles, working for Hustler's Larry Flynt, and finally for Evil Angel's John Stagliano. Currently, he's back in school, creating visual art and making his living with freelance writing.

If any of you have connections in Japan and can help Rick relocate and work there, please contact him through his twitter account:


I think he can make a meaningful contribution to Japan. Please help a brother out!

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As an honorary Malaka (that's Greek for jerkoff), it pleases me to introduce my great pal and Greek-Canadian comedy legend, Angelo Tsarouchas. In this podcast we discussed his career in acting (Mad Men, Fred & Vinnie, Cinderella Man, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) and standup comedy. Angelo is, in my opinion, the best opener for Russell Peters; he's also Russell's close trusted friend. Angelo also talked about his family, and he was beaming when we got on the subject of his baby daughter and Alina, his lovely wife.

I'm excited to announce that on November 24th, Angelo will become the first North American Greek to do a major standup comedy show in Athens, Greece. Tickets are on presale for the Athens performance: only 10€! All proceeds from this show will be donated to an arts nonprofit, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Visit www.mcf.gr/en for ticket information and follow @georgethirteen for show updates.

And here's Angelo's contact info:

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Please support OUR great friend, Bert Kreischer! One of the greatest laugher since Ricky Gervais! Please follow him on @bertkreischer

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"Curse of the Drinking Class" available on Itunes
and Amazon Nov. 9th!


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This new episode of Yoshi Didn't episode was recorded on Halloween Eve, and was ten months in the making! Let me introduce world-famous William Lustig, the great director of the 1980 horror classic Maniac, as well as Vigilante (1983), Relentless (1989), and the Maniac Cop series. He was kind enough to share his time and film knowledge with us. Also, we're joined by Bill's number one superfan, Bonnie Rotten (@thebonnierotten)! This heavily-tattooed beauty is both an up-and-coming star of adult entertainment and a devoted student of horror flicks.

Returning to the show is Peter Warren (@peterwarren); this well-respected editor of AVN (Adult Video News; @AVNMediaNetwork) appeared previously on our very first episode! Today, Peter shares his love for Lustig's movies, and gets entertained by tales of Bill's early career in porn and the history of the adult business in NYC. Lastly, my great friend and cinephile, David Chien (@thedavidchien) chimes in with questions for Bill.

Please support Mr. Lustig's company, Blue Underground (www.blue-underground.com & @blunderground), a premier DVD distribution company dedicated to preserving classic and forgotten genre films!

Here are clips of Bill's movies:
Maniac 1980 Trailer: 
Maniac Cop 1:
Maniac Cop 2:

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I've been very lucky to have so many people selflessly helping me throughout my life. One such person is Alison Schelin. She was kind enough to drive me through New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware over the summer. We tried to finish these podcast episodes while driving up north to see Dave Attell, but unfortunately ran out of time. So I ended up finishing the last portion of an episode by myself. While you're hearing this podcast, Alison will be traveling across the country by herself...

This native Bostonian wants to continue her career in music in Los Angeles. She is a very talented singer and lyricist, and her raspy voice reminds me of Janis Joplin's. Here's a sample of Alison's musical talent:


Alison currently needs our help. She's been under a tremendous a amount of stress due to her father's recent heart attack. If you can help Alison in any way with her musical career, and/or point her toward voiceover work in L.A., please contact her: @alisonschelin

As I prepare for my move to Sweden, I wish her nothing but the best and much happiness. I will surely miss her.

= = = 

NOTE: This bonus episode was brought to you by Midnight IceCream, a skateboard and clothing line that's owned by my younger brother, Skater Yosh. Here's the Midnight IceCream Facebook page:

And here's my brother skateboarding:

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The subject of this episode of Yoshi Didn't is a difficult person to summarize. Skin Diamond is an actress, illustrator, nude model, singer, SM bondage queen and - most important of all - a diehard Dr. Who fan! I was fascinated by her unusual, multinational background; she is of Ethiopian, Danish, Czech, Yugoslav, and German descent, and was born in Ventura, California, but raised in Scotland. Skin is quite simply a modern woman! The sky's the limit for this talented young lady. In addition to her many other talents, I believe she's on track to be one of the greatest adult stars of all time. Please listen and learn about this modern-day Cleopatra!

Then check out this music video for Skin's industrial duo, Space Age Clockwork, comprised of her sultry vocals and the dark grooves of producer Ashley Johnson. A full-length album is on the way!...

Skin's twitter account:

And here are pictures of Skin Diamond by the infamous Terry Richardson:

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This is an long overdue episode; I finally interviewed my friend, Jonathan Brandstein. He's a talent manager extraordinaire at MBST management and an obsessive world traveler. We wanted to talk about our love for the Vice TV series and exploring many of the world's exotic places, but on this particular episode we discussed Jonathan's former client: Patrice O'Neal. Patrice was a truly great standup artist, and unfortunately, we lost him in late 2011. Jonathan and I ended up celebrating one of the most original comedic geniuses of our generation. 

Please support Patrice's family by purchasing his new album:

The New York Magazine article about Patrice:

A tribute page:

Also, please follow Jonathan's twitter account:

You can read about Jonathan's and Tom Freston's travel to Africa in this 2007 Vanity Fair article:

And here's some amazing footage of Tom's and Jonathan's Sahara adventures:

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This week we welcome my great friend, Mona Shaikh, to Yoshi Didn't! Mona is a standup comic and actress, and the founder of Muslimsdoitbetter.com (MDIB).

Mona was born in Pakistan and raised in NYC. You'll hear about her amazing family history, including three assassinations of her relatives in the rough political arena of Pakistan... and her mother's great sacrifices to save her family. Mona and MDIB have been featured on the BBC and written up by LA Weekly, HuffPost and the Washington Post. Please check out her websites and visit the following links! 




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This new episode of Yoshididnt was recorded in lovely Charlotte, North Carolina. My travel companion Alison (@alisonschelin) and I were invited here by the brave and amazing Kimberly Motley (@kcymotley), who returns to the show for the second time. (You can also hear her on Episode 18: The Real Mother of Dragons.) We talked about Afghanistan, her challenging new legal cases and, of course, about her family. In fact, you can hear Kim's daughter, and her husband Claude, chime in during the interview!

Also, please check out Tom Freston's article about Kim for Vanity Fair:

Here are her blog and business links:

Finally, Kimberly is a board member of One Woman a Year International (OWAY):

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This episode was not only fun, but turned out to be very educational for me. We present one of Australia's best and brightest, Alen aka ChampChong! His reviews started as a hobby right after high school, when he began communicating his thoughts on videogames and the industry via Youtube. Today, 115 million downloads later, ChampChong is a very busy man - traveling the globe and spreading the gospel (good news) of videogames! He schooled me about one of the most creative and innovative industries in the world. Enjoy!

Please follow Alen's twitter account and subscribe to the ChampChong Youtube channel:

Bonus: Watch this video! Hot girls and video games! They put the "box" in Xbox! 

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In Greek mythology, Tiresias was a blind prophet, the most famous soothsayer of ancient Greece. Having angered a goddess, he was transformed into a woman as punishment. Seven years later, Tiresias was able to reverse the curse, and became male once again. Since Tiresias possessed the knowledge of being both a man and woman, he was revered by even the gods.

Today's guest, Professor Ogi Ogas, is one of the first in history to see both male and female's secret sexual desires clearly and to extrapolate scientific explanations for them. The discoveries of Prof. Ogas and his academic partner, Sai Gaddam, came out of their background in cognitive neuroscience, and was bolstered by their brilliant use of the internet's empirical data. This work culminated in their groundbreaking book "A Billion Wicked Thoughts."

While working for years in the porn business, I had an intuitive idea about what men were into, but I never had the science to back it up. Three years ago, I read Ogi's Wall Street Journal article about his ingenious research, and was awed by it. I sent him an email and, to my delight, he wrote me back. We became fast friends. 

This is one of my two favorite episodes of the Yoshi Didn't podcast. (The other one? Kimberly Motley.)

Ogi explains why there haven't been many discoveries in the scientific study of sexuality and erotic preference since the work of Alfred Kinsey. Like Kinsey, Ogi and Sai met social resistance in their pursuit of sexual truth. Though Kinsey struggled against the outrage of conservatives, Ogi and Sai had to deal with self-styled liberals and progressive groups who were uncomfortable with certain questions — and especially by results illuminating differences between men and women. The researchers faced the disapproval of their academic advisers, colleagues, friends and family, but bravely persevered despite the risk to their academic careers.

Kinsey's sexual research was mostly conducted via surveys of college students. This method gave him access to only a small, weighted sample of the population (generally young adult WASPs of a certain economic class), and hence had limited scope. Using the internet, Ogi and Sai, were able to vastly improve their data acquisition. Ogi explains how lucky they were to have access to billions of internet searches.

Ogi touches on a wide variety of topics: How and why women are using romance novels and fan fiction to fulfill their sexual desires, the politics of sex research, alpha males, "coconuts," the concept of the ideal mate, why women are attracted to Edward Cullens, the popularity of transsexuals among heterosexual men, how rape fantasy is fulfilled in paranormal romance stories, the four top anatomical searches by males, pedophilia, erotic optical illusions, how feminist orthodoxy can impede sexual fulfillment, why Japanese are great sexual innovators, and more. We also cover Ogi's successful career on TV quiz shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and his titanic battle with Jeopardy master Ken Jennings. We end the talk by discussing his new book (releasing this fall). My friend Alison Schelin also asks some questions and provides a woman's perspective. I thank Ogi for his insightful views, and for reminding us that we can't live in sexual ignorance. Please enjoy the episode!

Lectures by Ogi Ogas and/or Sai Gaddam:

Bonus video:

Ogi and Sai on Twitter:

You can purchase the book here:

And here are Ogi and Sai's Psychology Today articles:

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Jesse Edwards is an artist from Seattle and a long time friend of my younger brother. I met him 2 months ago in the lower east side in NYC. He talked to me about working with art maven Vito Schnabel (son of brilliant Julian Schnabel) and his career....
Jesse Edwards is a professional American fine art oil painter, graffiti artist, and ceramicist born in Hayden Lake, Idaho. He works and lives in Seattle and New York City. Edwards is a distinguished member of the Mystic Sons of Morris Graves.
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First of all, I want to congratulate the city of Sacramento for saving their NBA team, the Kings. I'm sad that Seattle does not yet have their team back, but we will! And we'll do it without ripping out the hearts of another city.

Anyhoo, for this podcast I spoke, once again, with the great Hunter Moore - and a new guest, Mr. WWW (Walter White of Weed), aka HeisenDab, aka Diamond Baby in Sac-Town.

Our conversation with Hunter got cut short because he was scheduled to travel to the wonderful city of Chicago early the next day. In it, he explained why he's so popular in places such as Ohio, NYC, and especially in Canada. He was amazingly coherent for someone smoking up Diamond Baby's powerful yet gentle weed. (Actually, all three of us were smoking during this discussion.)

I spend the rest of the show learning about what motivates Diamond Baby to produce the best weed possible - his reasons might surprise you - and how he got into the dab business. Please follow him on his podcast "Weedist" with RJ. (Especially Episode 7 with me in it.) And check out the "Hunter Moore Podcast With Diamond Baby." Underneath that fun and stoned persona lies a wonderful young man with a tragic past. Hope you enjoy all the high talk. 

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My last trip to Seattle was memorable for two reasons: getting to see my younger brother, and this conversation with Carl Warmenhoven. Carl worked as assistant manager of Seattle's well-respected standup club, Comedy Underground. He is, without a doubt, the most beloved comedy figure in the Seattle area.

We start off talking about Carl's childhood in the Netherlands and his eventual move to the States. He relates a number of his family's World War 2 stories, ranging from the absurd (German hookers living next to his parent's home) to the inspirational (Carl's mom rescuing a rabbi). One amusing anecdote explains how tobacco and Jesus "saved" his parent from hunger.

Growing up in Seattle, Carl used laughter to get along with people. He learned a lot about comedy by observing the legendary Steve Allen, who was famous for the way he played with language. Carl details his history in Seattle's standup comedy scene starting in 1979, eventually working with megastars such as Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK and Chelsea Handler. There's also a quick story about his dinner with young Jerry Seinfeld, when Jerry talked about working on a new sitcom - which later became the world-famous "Seinfeld." The abovementioned comedians were incredibly kind, professional and gracious in their dealings with him.

Carl speaks to the importance of stage time, the value of performing in a variety of places, and his philosophy of learning from the best. We end the interview by looking at Carl's record of all the individuals who took the stage at his open-mic shows, and reminiscing about many prominent performers who worked at Comedy Underground. Please enjoy this episode (and I do apologize for the audio problems).

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I’m writing this synopsis of Yoshi Didn't from Baltimore, Maryland, with both excitement and sadness. I am excited because I will finally able to visit the home of The Wire. But I’m sad because the interview I recently did with my friend, Verlon Brown, was tragic, and at times seemed hopeless. Verlon is an African-American standup comedian and social worker in Seattle. He’s definitely been an older brother figure to me for years.

Due to an emergency at Verlon’s job, we had to shorten the conversation. In our brief interview, he explains why he’s not discouraged by his most troubled clients (homeless and/or addicts), instead discussing his frustration with the system (one of the major themes of The Wire). Verlon explains the concept of “harm reduction,” and talks about his 30 years of commitment to social work, his belief that racism is based on economics, and the importance of having an honest conversation about racism.

We wrap up by talking about our mutual respect for the Scandinavian way of dealing with social ills, and a grudging respect for “redneck renaissance” reality shows (like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, Buckwild, etc.) which present white people in difficult situations and acknowledge that they too need help like minorities. Enjoy, and let me know what you guys think! (And I’m looking forward to exploring The Wire’s Baltimore.)

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This episode of Yoshi Didn't introduces Charles Wing Krafft, a very prominent painter and ceramic artist in Seattle, Washington. I became intrigued after hearing about the controversy surrounding his artwork ("Disasterware") and beliefs. Mr. Krafft was introduced to me through my younger brother. Charles' son was an avid fan of skateboarding; when Charles met my brother, they became fast friends. I thank my brother for the introduction.

An article published earlier this year in the online journal "The Stranger" about Charles' historical interests and skepticism about the Holocaust went viral, stirring up a big shitstorm in the art world. I wasn't sure Charles would be willing to meet up during a period when he was still the brunt of ad hominem rumors and media attacks. I'm happy to report that he was kind, courteous and generous with his time. We met one afternoon at his Seattle residence.

We start right away discussing how the controversy has affected him, from press smears to getting his artwork removed from a European art show. Charles explains becoming interested in the history of the Holocaust and questioning whether gas chambers were actually used to exterminate Jewish prisoners, referencing his extensive research and travels to Europe. We also talk about controversial Romanian Archbishop Valerian Trifa, and the magnificent Raphael Lemkin, who coined the word "genocide".

The last portion is more lighthearted conversation. Charles discusses making the transition from painter to ceramicist, being strongly influenced by custom car king Von Dutch, and how difficult it is to be an artist these days. Please enjoy my talk with this talented artist and fascinating contrarian: Mr. Charles Wing Krafft. 

Charles' contact info:

Here's The Stranger article on Charles Krafft:

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Jacob Sirof, comedian, writer, 100% Star Wars and boxing nerd is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Jacob's nerdy, edgy comedy has been featured on Jim Norton's "Down and Dirty" to Chelsea Lately's Round Table. 

Jacob is a friend of Yoshi and Lilit's and walked into Yoshi Didn't podcast land just as talk was a little heavy about rape with our previous guest, so to keep things light and laughable, Jacob goes right into sex jokes and his professional obsession with porn to change pace.
Jacob received an early and interesting porn education from his father's extensive VHS collection that was passed on to Jacob and his brothers like family heirlooms. From working in adult video stores to becoming professional comedians, Yoshi and Jacob bond on their origins and evolutions of porn, sex and comedy from experiences with hookers to monogamous relationships to what's it like working with other comedians like Jim Norton. 
Jacob's colorful background doesn't stop there as he divulges about his passion for boxing and ice hockey. 
Overall, Jacob's insight takes us into his psyche to learn more about him as a comedian, devout Star Wars fan and lover of all things boxing and ice hockey. 
Follow Jacob's funny banter on Twitter and hit him up for tour dates! 
Twitter: @jacobsirof
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This week's guest is Ms. Cherry Ferretti, a beautiful porn star. We discuss her unusual childhood and the influence of sex icon Chasey Lain on young Cherry's eventual decision to enter the adult business.

Cherry started her porn career in Houston, Texas, where she was an early adopter of internet technology to promote her business. We follow her move to Los Angeles and her relationship with agency LA Direct Models (the CAA of the porn world). Cherry speaks frankly about how the sex business operates and about her blunt refusal to be treated like a second-class citizen.

During my 13 years working in the adult industry, it was very common for performers to disappear from public view. In most cases, they simply want to quit the business and restart their lives; this is what I assumed had happened with my friend Cherry. I never tried to track her down, wanting to respect her privacy and the decision to move on.

Unfortunately, it was not the case. When she contacted me again in early January, I was happy to hear from her, until she explained the reasons behind her years of absence. In the final third of the show, Lilit and I talk extensively about the trauma that Cherry experienced at the hands of her "best friend" — and worst of all, her subsequent betrayal and violation by Hollywood police.

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This special episode of Yoshi Didn't was recorded at Saad Mohseni's residence in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Please read about Saad <a href=http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2066367_2066369_2066475,00.html>here</a>.)

Kimberly Motley, a proud daughter of an African-American father and North Korean mother, picked up her street smarts in her hometown, a tough neighborhood of Milwaukee. In 2003, she earned a law degree at Marquette University, and became a very successful attorney with the State of Wisconsin Public Defender's Office, litigating hundreds of criminal, civil and juvenile cases. In 2008, Kim volunteered to participate in the U.S. State Department's Justice Sector Support Program, dedicated to rebuilding the Afghan legal system. This was Kim's watershed moment. Since then, she has dedicated her life to fighting injustices in Afghanistan. 

Recently, Kimberly was kind enough to bring me to visit the notorious Pul-e-Charkhi prison, and introduced me to three of her Western clients. She confidently navigates throughout the prison by maintaining a cultural sensitivity to Afghans, while demanding respect from all the men. Surrounded by inmates that include Taliban, Al Qaeda and jihadists, she gives comfort, listens intently and provides the best legal advice she can. No matter how difficult the odds, she's committed to fighting for her clients' freedom.

Two cases exemplify her dedication. Kimberly litigated a case representing an Afghan woman named Gulnaz who was raped and impregnated by a relative. After reporting the rape to authorities, the traumatized young woman was, unbelievably, jailed on charges of adultery! With Kimberly's help, Gulnaz's case went all the way to President Karzai; she was able to persuade him to grant the very first presidential pardon (and first overturned verdict ever) in a moral crimes case in the history of Afghanistan. Axs.tv covered the happy results of Kimberly's diligent work on "Dan Rather Reports." 

Kimberly also saved a 6-year-old girl from being sold into marriage over a medical debt. Young Naghma didn't know how close she came to leaving her family. After persuading the local elders in a "Jirga," a public hearing, Kim paid off the family's debt using a fund made available by an anonymous donor. All parties were able to exit the situation without losing public face, leaving the men with a great respect and appreciation for Kimberly's promotion of justice and fair play.

The conversation ends with Kim's photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine. This former Wisconsin Beauty queen is excited and ready for the shoot. She explains to me that great Tom Freston is planning to write the article about Kim's great achievement in Afghanistan. Please enjoy the episode!

Kimberley Cy Motley, Esq.
Motley Consulting International
Motley Legal Services
Website : motleylegal.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kcymotley
 Afghanistan. Please enjoy the episode!

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Ari Shaffir, Stand up Comedian and also known for his pranks on, “The Amazing Racist” and movie, “InAPPropriate Comedy” is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn’t.  Ari starts the episode off strong attempting to cross boundaries into Yoshi’s personal life and hilariously provoking him for information throughout the show.  As tension builds around the topic of relationships, discussion of hookers and trannies help transition the awkwardness into more comfortable, comedic stomping grounds.

Yoshi also discusses his appearance on Ari’s podcast, “Skeptic Tank” where he first disclosed information of unethical practices and experiences in the porn world.  Ari then takes us deeper into his dedicated life as a stand up, the beefy drama he encountered with fellow comedians, his perspective of growing up Jewish in DC and his family's holocaust experience, the process of transitioning from working at the World Famous Comedy Store to becoming a headliner and, of course, awesome Joe Rogan/UFC stories.

Follow Ari Shaffir on Twitter: @AriShaffir

Buy his hilarious album, “Passive Aggressive” for $4.99 at https://chill.com/arithegreat/passive-aggressive 

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Matt Kirshen and friend of the show, Joey Kurtzman are our guests on Yoshi Didn't this week. Matt is a stand up comedian from Britain currently based in Los Angeles. Matt has literally traveled all over the world performing stand up comedy, was featured on the TV show "Last Comic Standing" and is frequent comedic talent improvising jokes on the "Set List" show with Paul Provenza. 

This episode takes some twists and turns beginning with Yoshi's in depth story of how he got banned from Canada, then with Matt opening up about his relationship with porn star Holly Stevens who died of breast cancer last year. The discourse then leads into examining cultural differences between Americans and Brits pertaining to racism, comedy, formalities of expressing emotion, grievance and sarcasm and how it effects perception from an individual and group standpoint. And the cerebral doesn't stop there. With his signature witty, comedic outlook, Matt also gives us the break down into the scandals and unethical practices of popular British newspapers that invaded privacy under the guise of reputable journalism.

Follow Matt on Twitter to get tour and Set List dates: @MattKirshen
Please visit his website, www.mattkirshen.com and subscribe and listen to his nerdy, funny podcast "Probably Science" http://probablyscience.tumblr.com/
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Marine, activist and entrepreneur Devon Read is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Devon joined the Marines in 2000 to earn money for college, but was stinted of the opportunity with the 9-11 attacks and deployment to Iraq in 2003. Devon gives us the insider experience of serving as a Marine while invading Baghdad in search of weapons of mass destruction. Though proud to have served his country and of the camaraderie he built with his battalion, Devon reveals what it was like in the days and final minutes crossing the border into Iraq, the mental and emotional repercussions of the betrayal he experienced serving in the Iraq war, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affecting him and many other veterans left without mental health treatment, the complexities of the military industrial complex, the discrimination women suffer in the military, the difference drone strikes have made on war and accountability and the hope we share to move forward when humanity hits rock bottom. Devon is a proud member of the Iraq Veterans Against the War and has spoken out on the negative, detrimental consequences of war on veterans and civilians. 
And of course to keep things a little light, we delve into Devon's experience as a VFX editor on the movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," his passion for Star Wars and the Prequel Star Wars films he made (the link to the Star Wars trailers for "Prelude to Hope" are below) and the business he created, Happy Owl Studio which makes iPad cases and Bamboo Cash Boxes for point of sale purchases.

And of course to keep things a little light, we delve into Devon's experience as a VFX editor on the movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," his passion for Star Wars and the Prequel Star Wars films he made (the link to the Star Wars trailers for "Prelude to Hope" are below) and the business he created, Happy Owl Studio which makes iPad cases and Bamboo Cash Boxes for point of sale purchases.  
Follow Devon's company on Twitter: @HappyOwlStudio 
Youtube page for his Star Wars films: http://www.youtube.com/user/clearconcrete/
Iraq Veterans Against the War: http://www.ivaw.org/
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Filmmaker, director and Academy Award winner, Eva Orner is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Eva won an Oscar and Emmy for her documentary "Taxi to the Dark Side" directed by Alex Gibney in 2008. The controversial film exposed the U.S. government's unlawful torture techniques post-911 that consequently helped change U.S. policy thereafter. Eva's current film, "The Network," documents entrepreneur Saad Mohseni's creation of Afghanistan's first independent television station, TOLO and its impact on Afghan politics and culture. Yoshi's personal connection to Afghanistan leads the discourse in examining the political landscape and oppression in the war torn country, Eva shares stories of life and death while living in Afghanistan, the humanizing relationships they built with locals and the voice Afghans attained in creating media culture away from the tragedies of war and terror. 

Follow Eva on Twitter: @evaorner and @thenetworkmovie
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Brian Redban is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Brian is a notorious comedian and podcaster best known for producing and co-hosting one of the most famous podcasts on the net, "The Joe Rogan Experience" and founder of the DeathSquad Podcast Network. Brian takes us back to his childhood where he discovered his love for Japanese culture and art, his transition into comedy from a tech, computer background, bouts with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and behind the scenes tales of confrontation and chaos at the comedy store.
Follow Redban on Twitter: @redban

place links to deathsquad.tv and Joe rogan experience here

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Johannes Grenzfurthner artist, director, writer, DIY researcher and friend of the show, Maury Showbizawitz, are our guests this week on Yoshi Didn’t. Johannes founded Monochrom, an international art and theory group dedicated to subversive art as “weapons of mass distribution.“ Johannes pulled off one of the most interesting pranks in the art world at the Biennial Conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil by submitting a fictitious artist, G.P. Thomann as a representative of Austria. The prank went undetected by curators and journalists and inadvertently helped save a Taiwanese artist’s representation at the conference when the Chinese government became involved; consequently making headlines news in China! Johannes’ stories cross many intellectual and artistic realms as he discusses post modern liberalism, the future of sex with robots at Arse Electronica, how, exactly, he pranked a world art conference and what it really means to subvert the subversive. 

Watch Johannes’ TEDx Talk about the notorious G.P Thomann  here:


Follow Johannes on Twitter: @johannes_mono

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This week on Yoshi Didn’t, we finally release the first episode ever recorded. Doron, The Minion of porn, and John H, editor of porn, joined us in revealing a very detailed and dark experience of the porn world. The guys delve deep into the world of gonzo porn, the life of Chico Wang (whom Doron worked for), the tragic death of Hailey Page, the backlash of STD outbreaks (including HIV) and the seemingly impossible, difficult transition of porn stars into mainstream society.

Follow Doron, The Minion’s food and sexcapades on his personal blog, www.theminionplanet.com

Follow Doron on Twitter: @dogfartnetwork

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Andy Milonakis is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Andy caught Jimmy Kimmel and sports writer Bill Simmon's attention with his parody video, "The Superbowl is Gay" a few years back. Andy brings his A-game of lyrical flows and comedic stylings by delving deep into intimate details of his upbringing and strong connection to his Greek roots, his 5 year TV show on MTV, sexual relationships with women and just exactly what it's like to be Andy Milonakis on a day to day basis.

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Miki Dezaki is this week's guest on Yoshi Didn't along with friend of the show, Maury Showbizawitz. Miki's passion for education has brought awareness and information to his students in Japan about everything from the English language and American culture to more covert, unspoken topics like racism and discrimination. We speak to Miki about the YouTube video he made that sparked recent controversy regarding racism and discrimination in Japan, and the backlash of death threats, privacy invasion and attempted censorship he has experienced as a result of certain nationalists in disagreement with his stance. 

Here is the link to his controversial video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxnmMrWOj3c
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Josh Gross, head MMA writer at ESPN, is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Long time friends Maury Showbizawitz and Sam Kline sit in while Josh divulges about the beef between him and UFC President Dana White, the use of performance enhancing drugs in the MMA and the controversial nature of exposing the truth.
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Brandon Iron is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. Brandon is a porn star notorious for making "Slap Happy" films, the most exalted genre amongst comedians and fetishists. In this episode, Brandon reveals his favorite control techniques that enhance domination with submissives, his Buddhist philosophy when it comes to sex and anger and some of the hidden dirt behind the porn industry.

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David Choe is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't. David is a prolific painter and graffiti artist with whom Yoshi co-hosted a podcast in 2012 called, "KGB," Koreans Gone Bad. As Dave, Yoshi and Lilit get more intimate, we learn more about Dave's near death experiences on "Thumb's Up," his hitch hiking documentary on VICE, Dave's relationship to Facebook's Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg and how Yoshi's decision to donate his body to science is currently affecting his life. Dave's turbulent, yet loving and humorous friendship with Yoshi is unveiled and further explored in Part 2 of this two part saga.

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David Choe is our guest this week on Yoshi Didn't! David is a prolific painter and graffiti artist with whom Yoshi co-hosted a podcast in 2012 called, "KGB," Koreans Gone Bad. As Dave, Yoshi and Lilit get more intimate, we learn more about Dave's near death experiences on "Thumb's Up," his hitch hiking documentary on VICE, Dave's relationship to Facebook's Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg and how Yoshi's decision to donate his body to science is currently affecting his life. Dave's turbulent, yet loving and humorous friendship with Yoshi is unveiled and further explored in Part 1 of this two part saga.

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Hunter Moore is on this episode of the Yoshi Didn't Podcast. Yoshi has just come back from every Star Wars nerd's wet dream, Skywalker Ranch, then goes straight to Playboy Radio with Hunter Moore to sniff some porn star ass. Hunter tells us about his controversial and lucrative website, isanyoneup.com and how he and the website changed the face of the internet and social networking forever.

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Kristina Rose and Peter Warren talk to us about their profession in porn and why men have it harder than women in front of the camera. Kristina reminisces about her missed opportunity to molest Andy Samberg, we find out what kind of porn we are ashamed to watch but do it anyway and Yoshi isn't ashamed to use porn DVDs as currency and sniff porn star's asses to get to know them better. 

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